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At our mattress store, we offer a numerous selection of beds for sale. We can fit any comfort level. How do you know which comfort level is right for you? Read on to learn more about mattress comfort levels, find which levels best suits you, and peruse our collection of mattresses; We’ll have just the thing. We guarantee it.

Firm Mattress

If you like a solid feel rather than soft, a firm mattress is for you. The firm mattress offers the least surface “give,” perfect for those who want stability in their sleep. Shop dozens of firm mattresses at our Pasco, WA location or online at our website.

Plush Mattress

Compared to the firm mattress, the plush mattress provides more “give” allowing you to sleep comfortably with a solid yet softer feel. We offer nearly 100 different plush mattresses produced by top, name brand manufacturers. Shop our selection of plush mattresses for sale.

Pillow Top Mattress

The pillow top mattress is the softest of the soft when it comes to surface “give.” Want to sink into a soft, billowy bed at night? Then the pillow top mattress is right for you. An extra thick layer of cushioning on the top of the mattress spring system gives it an extra soft feel.

We have a wide variety of pillow top mattresses for sale including Euro top mattresses. The Euro top mattress delivers the same comfort level the regular pillow top mattress does with a chic, flush stitching style connecting the extra layer of cushion to the mattress.

Box Top Mattress

The box top mattress shares many attributes with the pillow top mattress: billowy top cushion, extra soft feel, and the highest level of surface “give.” The key difference between box top and pillow top mattresses is in the design of the extra layer of cushioning. The box top mattress has a squared off extra layer giving you more surface area to utilize while sleeping.

Shop All Comfort Levels at Our Mattress Store

Whichever level fits your sleep, we have just the bed for you at our mattress store. With over 400 mattresses for sale, we offer you name brand, high-quality beds and bed sets for cheap.

Visit our brick-and-mortar location at 2019 W Court St. Pasco, WA or shop our online discount mattress store.